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Published on June 7th, 2016 | by Rugilė Padvelskytė



(Lietuviška straipsnio versija – http://droneracing.lt/sveiki/)

Sports drones’ fanatic Paulius has been passioned about aviation models since he was 13 years old. He was constructing everything that flies and trying to lift it into the air. Being 15 years old Paulius had began to participate in the class F3J glider competitions. Together with a team Paulius took a 4th place in a glider world championship of 2010. By keep having an interest it became clear that drones are the future of aviation models and a drone sport will inevitably be bigger and more popular than any class aviation models. Then Paulius finally bought his first drone and said to himself that he will buy a better one only when he will be able to fly crosswise and lenghwise the chair. It didn’t take long so Paulius started to look for another drone model. Drone after drone he was getting better at controling and flying that Paulius and couple of his friends had started to build drones by themselves!




Everyone knows that drones are becoming a big trend and the future of technology. Althought, somone may wonder if there is any difference between a drone and a sports drone. Paulius explains that the main difference between the traditional photography drone and a sports drone is that sports drone is smaller and is able to move and maneuver easier. First sports drones in Lithuania started to fly around 2 or 3 years ago, however, from the year 2016 sports drones became very popular and the number of sports drones fanatics hasn’t been stop growing ever since. On spring of 2016 a very first drone race in Lithuania was hosted.

Since Paulius has started to be very interested into a sports drones he naturally wanted to meet other sports drones enthusiasts in Lithuania. That was the time when he created a Facebook group of sports drones where the like-minded people would easily share information, plan flights and trainings together. So far, this group is growing rapidly and perfectly implements the primary function. Meanwhile, webpage droneracnig.lt functions as a convenient place to collect useful and interesting information for beginners. Here you can find a callendar of upcoming events and meetings. You can also find events archive.

Paulius is happy that the number of sports drones enthusiasts is continuosly growing. More and more people come to the meetings. Paulius mentiones that on the first meeting they had a little bit more than 10 people while on the ninth meeting there were over 40 people! Paulius believes that flying level and an experience baggage in Lithuania will grow even faster and will be able to compete on a global level later in the future.


When Paulius was asked why drone racing gives him such a plesure he simply explained that the view through the glasses is absolutely unique. You are flying like a bird controling the drone between obstacles, trees, and the track. The drone is also very convienent and fits into your backpack so it means that it can be taken anywhere you travel, fly it and practise. Another fantastic thing that you usually hang a GoPro camera on the drone to record videos while flying. Then after a few flights you can have a lot of fun footage to watch and also to show it to your friends and family.



Paulius also gave some advise to people who would like to start this sports drones’ experience. He thinks that firstly you should start from browsing an Internet for useful information, for example, read through droneracing.lt archives. It is also very important to unsderstand what exactly interests you and weigh what is realisticly possible with a personal budget. Paulius points out that there are numerous of opportunities in this activity. You can buy all the components and construct a drone all by yourself. However, it requires a certain skills so if you have a lack of those skills, you can always buy a constructed drone. It can be already used or brand new. When you finally have your very first drone you should invest into a spare parts as well and begin to fly as much as possible. But before going into the field and start flying it is worth while to read the unmanned aerial vehicles management rules that you can find here: http://www.lbona.lt/bepilociu-orlaiviu-naudojimo-taisykles/. And while you’re waiting for the ordered parts or drones you are always welcome to come to us every Thursday where sports drones fanatics organize flying together in the meadow next to the LITEXPO palace in Vilnius. More information and event announcements you can always find on Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/droneracinglietuva/.

Paulius tells that flying of racing drones is not very complicated, but in the beginning will certainly not be that easy. ‘There is no time for slumber you must practice’ Paulius says. No one in this world knows where the limts are. After each huge competition in the world, understanfing of what is possible moves forward!

When Paulius was asked about the future plans, he was happy to tell that the main future plan is to fly and train even more! Also he is planning on participating in a championship that will be hosted in UK on June 17th, 18th and 19th.

Stay tuned!

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